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Last Sunday we decided to go out on an adventure. Nahhh.. thats a bit too far out. Haha! Anyway, we had another futsal game at Menglait, lucky there was no headbutting hehehe like zidane. The best players certainly was Hj Leman n Zul because their spent most of their times gossiping, smoking and drinking on the sidelined hehehe…

And somehow, our cars took a sudden u-turn cruising around the Gadong bustling area – Centrepoint and the Mall.

I was a bit worried with how my Stingray could take it because as you know, old but classic car, there had to be some or minor glitches but pleasantly, the ride went smoothly.

Ahmad raved his car showing his sleek Celica roaring and leaving tyre marks… show off :p Huhuhu..

Amor-all before the ride begins…

 Any female passengers out there? Heheh.. kidding!

Was lazy to take pictures, so these are the only ones I took 🙂

A while back, we had a barbeque at Serasa Beach only to be welcomed by a sudden shower. But that did not hinder our spirits as the shower was only mild and for a short period of time.

By far, this had been one of the largest social gathering we had and I think 13 is the magic number because so far, we could only gather 13 of these Celicas. So to Celica owners out there, please feel free to join us as our main objective is to share knowledge about the Classic Celicas.

Things have been hectic and we had more gatherings because of the world cup.

So I’ll just leave you guys with these pictures… and hopefully, our album at fotopages will be working.

Neatly lined up.. heheh..

Liftback models …

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It has certainly been quite awhile, hasnt it? There were several gatherings held for Celica classics around Brunei but I could hardly find the time to update.

But nevertheless, there were two recent activities organised the past week.

The first one is the Darussalam Holdings Customers' Day held on May 7 at the foyer of Setia Kenangan Complex in Kiulap.

We were invited to participate for a showcase of antique cars. We were not the only ones who took part as you could see Mini Coopers as well as RX7.

The crowd was overwhelming to say the least, with kids playing bouncers and loud lucky draws.

But here are some pics, perhaps it will explain more on what I am trying to say 🙂

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Oh yeah, before I forget, another activity we did was a gathering at Serasa Beach. Will post that up soonest!!

Nothing much to update but we did have several gatherings around Brunei.

The recent one was at the Darussalam Holding's Customer Day held at Kiulap on May 7. The crowd was good and it was a blazing hot day. But still, it was worth the wait.

We got a cerficate from the organiser too 🙂

Will post pics later.

This is probably the first proper entry for this blog. A bunch of us are planning to convoy to Pantai Danau at Tutong District. If it runs according to plan, will post up some pics.


Right, just got back from the gathering. Only four of us turned up…heheh! But the crowd at Pantai Danau was jammed pack especially since a beach festival was organised.

Took these pictures while waiting for others at Bukit Shahbandar of Jerudong.

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